After the needs analysis of the school, the following objectives were formulated; to be addressed in the strategic plan period.

A.    Academic
B.    Co- Curriculum activities
C.    Enrolment
D.    Physical Infrastructure (support facilities)
E.    Environment
F.    Security
G.    Land size

Objective one:
To improve the performance index of the school from the current mean score of 3.5 to 6.00.
To improve this objective the following strategies will be employed:
i.    Improve the textbook-students ratio to 1:1
ii.    Improve performance in science and mathematics.
iii.    Improve performance in languages.
iv.    Provide motivation to students and teachers
v.    Enhance testing and assessment.
vi.    Provide opportunities for training and capacity building to the teachers.

Objective two:
To improve on co-curricular activities
This will be achieved through:
i.    Introducing a wide variety of games.
ii.    Provide training to games teachers on different sports disciplines.
iii.    Introduce drama and music.
iv.    Strengthening clubs and societies.
v.    Enhancing inter-house competition.
vi.    Reward good performance in co-curricular activities.
vii.    Engage sponsors to help nurture talent.

Objective three:
To increase enrolment from single stream to a double stream
To attain this objective the following strategies will be applied:
i.    Maintain high standards of discipline
ii.    Improve the facilities
iii.    Improve customer care service and public relations


Heshima Secondary School is a public day mixed school that was started on February 2012.  It was founded by the area community, under Kagoto …

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